About Us


The Finance and Investment Cell, Hans Raj College is one of the upcoming societies of the university. Established recently in 2014, the members of the society came up with the idea of generating interest in the field of Finance And Investment at the undergraduate level to give the students a real insight to the financial world.


• The objective is to contribute to the development of a student body that isn’t just known for its academic prowess but is also well versed in finance

• To provide a common platform for all finance enthusiasts to learn through information sharing and also to keep the enthusiasm of finance lovers alive throughout the year by organizing different events related to the subject


The cell aims to provide a stimulus to knowledge sharing by organizing interactive discussions, seminars, forums, competitions and other activities in the field of finance


Our society also plans to organise various events based on the practical knowledge of finance and investment at the university level.


We believe that Greatness comes from small things , and this small step , hopefully could give better returns to our investment in this society