Do you have any idea why ‘’ was renamed to ‘Free Basics’ just for India?

About 1 year ago, when was launched in India, many netizens protested and stopped it as it was against the net neutrality. Facebook was shocked by this response. So, the marketing department of Facebook renamed it to ‘FREE BASICS’ and relaunched as they thought Indians will never say ‘no’ to anything which is given for free.
Now, Facebook is aggressively marketing to get it accepted by India’s Telecom regulator.  They are publishing full page newspaper ads, roadside banners and online ads. They stooped so low from their standards and started sending constant notifications to all their Indian Users to click a button which will send a mail to TRAI saying that you support ‘Free basics’. They even ‘accidentally’ sent these notification to foreign users.
They make their ads look like they are doing a favor for India through ‘Free basics’ and our evil government is stopping their good efforts. And, if you do not accept their nagging notifications, then they make it look like you are a bad person who doesn’t support ‘digital equality’ showing the list of your friends who support it.

What is ‘free basics’  according to rest of us?

Free basics give free internet access to Facebook and few other internet services approved by Facebook.
The internet market growth is getting saturated in the western world as most people are already using internet. India and other Asian countries have a large untapped population who are yet to use internet. Facebook wants to acquire these users by any means possible. One easy way to make Facebook popular among these users is to give it for free..
Free basics is launched for Facebook’s best interests. Otherwise why are they so pushy about this and investing millions for the ad campaign itself, when people are clearly protesting against it? Reliance – the official network partner of Free basics advertises it as ‘Free Facebook’ on newspapers .

What are ‘basics’?

Facebook or Whatsapp wasn’t a basic internet service 10 years ago. If some other company X had offered their service free from past 15 years then facebook/whatsapp wouldn’t have even existed.
The things which may look basic now may not be basic in next 10 years. By giving Facebook control of which apps to give for free, we are creating a monopoly. New startups won’t be able to compete as everyone will use the Facebook’s free alternative.
For example:- If free basics was launched in 2010, then Whatsapp would never have been so popular as ‘Facebook Messenger’ would have been free, while you would have to pay data charges to use ‘Whatsapp’ or any other service. This creates a monopolistic environment where only Facebook will thrive.

What is Net neutrality?

Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.

It is one of the fundamental principle due to which Internet exists in the form we see today.